Stress of Woodbridge Softball Game


Kieran Murphy

Number 7 MacKenzie Riley up to bat in the beginning of the Woodbridge game.

Kat Halepaska, Design Editor

Bottom of the 4th inning, 2-3, Payton Schwinn (16) up to bat, bases full. Schwinn swings and the ball is in the air getting Kaci Stephenson (20) home.


On Thursday, March 23, Forges varsity softball team played a home game against Woodbridge, with Woodbridge up to bat first. With a quick turnaround, Woodbridge struck out and Forge’s hitter and shortstop Makayla Taylor (3) was up to bat. After the second pitch, she’s at first base, and in a few minutes, the score is up 1-0.

But Woodbridge was not going to let Forge dominate the diamond. Even when they weren’t on the field, the team would yell chants in the rhythm of the seagulls calling “mine” from Finding Nemo but instead, they yell one.

The coach calls a play and the Woodbridge girls simultaneously look down at the sheet tied to their arms.

The game went back and forth in the 2nd and most of the 3rd inning, neither team gaining any points, but the strong Forge defense wouldn’t let the opposing team touch first base. Taylor (3) got to walk to first, next Isabella Colangelo (14) swung and hit, and the pitcher fumbles on the catch giving Taylor an opportunity to run to 3rd base while Colangelo runs to 1st base. Madeline Smith (4) bats to the ground getting Taylor home. 2-0.

During the 4th inning, things start to go downhill.

Woodbridge gets a quick turnaround, loading up the bases and getting three home runs making the score 2-3 with Woodbridge in the lead. And soon after, under similar circumstances reach 3-3 in the 4th inning.

In the 5th and 6th innings, the stress in the Forge players is clearly visible while they keep their defense on point.

7th inning, Woodbridge is up to bat and hits, and Forge drops the ball giving Woodbridge an advantage. A few more swings, bases loaded, and Woodbridge is up 3-6, concluding the game.

Luckily, the Forge softball team got their revenge by winning the next game they had against Woodbridge.