The Postseason “Bond” Fire Is A Roaring Success

Brenna Kiel and Gaby Christian

Before even stepping out of your car, the band could be heard performing from the practice fields beside the massive bonfire that groups huddled around. In an effort to keep warm, people lined up behind the hot chocolate and s’mores tables as members of the Student Council Association were in a frenzy to get everyone fed as quickly as possible.

On Thursday, November 14, Forge was finally able to have it’s postseason bonfire. Originally scheduled for the week of homecoming, it had to be postponed due to heat. Even with this setback there was a fantastic turnout.

“There are more people than we were expecting,” said Mrs. Feeken, who played a large role in the organization of the bonfire. “We planned for 200 and there’s a lot more.”

With the help of the band, cheer team, and the SCA who cooked up s’mores and hot chocolate, there was an excited atmosphere that brought people together.

“I think it’s especially fun even for underclassmen to get to come out and see what Forge spirit is all about,” Mrs. Feeken said. “It’s also good for the seniors to celebrate the success of the football team.”

“I get to dance with people I usually don’t see and see them at different times,” Andrea Jackson (’19) said. “It’s pretty cool.”