Hannah Robeson Gets Next Art Showcase

Senior Hannah Robeson shows off her natural talent for art

Mackenzie Nolan, Reporter

Hannah Robeson (‘17) replaced Afton LaMere’s (‘17) artwork in the display case next to the auditorium on November 21st. She has six pieces being displayed, her favorite being the bumble bee.

“I like the colors and how it captures the light,” Robeson said. “I really like bright colorful things. Some people like black and white stuff, but I like rainbows.”

Robeson has been doing art since she was a little girl, but she first realized her talent in second grade when she did a chalk pastel drawing of a flower. She is still impressed with her younger self.

“When I was younger, my teachers would tell my parents I had a natural talent for it,” Robeson said.

The jellyfish means the most to her because it is her cousin’s favorite animal.

“Every time I do a piece of work that is an animal, it is because I have cousins that are really into that animal. One is really into zebras, so I did a piece for her, and I did the jellyfish for another one,” Robeson said.

Cindy Le is coming up next, expecting to show her art December 9th.