Art Showcase

Cindy Le gets her turn to show off her art.

Mackenzie Nolan, Reporter

Cindy Le (‘17) put her artwork into the display case last Friday, replacing Hannah Robeson’s. Le only showed three works of art: a dragon, a sunflower, and an aesthetic 80’s piece. She did all of these pieces for homework, and completed each one in two or three days.

Le has been doing art since second grade because of school. “I thought it was fun at first; then I started taking it more seriously,” Le said.

Her favorite was the aesthetic piece because, “I actually liked how it came out,” Le said. She loves the colors that are used in the piece and identifies her style with the colors she uses and the lines she draws. Le is inspired by urban-styled art.

Le’s art will be up until December 22, and will be switched out with artwork by Elizabeth Hogan.