Art Display Shows Off Elizabeth Moyer’s Work

Mackenzie Nolan, Reporter

Elizabeth Moyer (’12) replaced Cindy Le’s art with four of her art pieces last week: a clay dragon, pastel cat, negative space rabbit, and a pen and ink watercolor still life. All of these pieces were done for class either this year or last year. It ranged from a few hours to multiple days.

Moyer has been doing art ever since she was forced to take an art class in middle school and fell in love with it. “I really enjoyed doing it so I kinda just kept doing it,” Moyer said.

The pen and ink she considers her best piece she that is showing, but her favorite is the clay dragon. “The still life was just an interesting composition of what we had set up and the dragon was because I like dragons and was more interesting of an animal for the assignment,” Moyer explains.

Alison Martin is next, replacing Moyer next week.