Meet Emily Imes

Gaby Christian, Photo Editor


Meet Emily Imes, Forge sophomore who uses her photography to make people feel beautiful. 

Talon: When did you first realize you liked photography?

Emily Imes: “I’ve always liked photography, but I really started getting a feel for it when I got my first camera in middle school. It wasn’t a DSLR, but I wanted to make it work so I could get better and purchase one.”

T: How does taking pictures make you feel?

EI: “I just love to express myself and make other people feel beautiful, so it makes me really happy to take pictures.”

T: When/where/how did you learn how to use the camera?

EI: “In the beginning, I just taught myself, and my dad taught me some. But my best knowledge has come from Mrs. Kopcak.”

T: How long have you been interested in photography?

EI: “I’ve been interested [in photography] for 4 years.”

T: What do you see yourself doing in the future with photography?

EI: “I would love to be a professional family, individual, and sports photographer.”

T: Why do you like photography?

EI: “I love making other people feel great.”

T: What kinds of pictures do you like to take?

EI: “I love to take individual pictures and sports event pictures.”

T: What is your editing process?

EI: “I mainly just level balance with Adobe Photoshop.”

T: Where do you like to take photos? In a studio-like environment, nature, etc.?

EI: “I like to take pictures outside with nature, [and with a] studio – if I have the option.”