Up, Up, And Away

Andrea Grubb, Reporter

Music, suits, dresses, dancing, and bright lights flood the minds of high school students creating the one overall sensation that some wait for all year: the feeling that prom is on its way.

This years prom theme is based off the Pixar movie, Up. Joseph Black, the Junior Class President, came up with this theme after watching the movie. The rest of the class officers loved this idea because it was different and they didn’t want to do something that has already been done.

The decorations for prom are based on the different scenes that occur in the movie, which means that every wall will have a different scene.  They also mentioned that Kevin would make an appearance. Over all the main theme of prom will most likely be Adventure is Out There.

Lastly, the invitations for prom will be coming out soon. The invitations for prom will be little houses with lollypop balloons on top.