FCA Saves The Day

Aynsleigh Escher, Editor

A school-wide charity is being held by FCA, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, to assist those affected by the recent hurricanes, Harvey, Irma, and Jose.

“The drive ends on the 29th, and on the following Monday we’ll pack everything up and deliver it to the red cross,” Mr. Thomas Coen, one of the FCA sponsors, said.

A variety of household, personal, and nonperishable food items are being collected in the front office. Money will not be collected. FCA is doing the drive to reach out to the community and show they are more than just a school organization.

“The mission for FCA is to reach out to other people; to show Christ through everything, even in a disaster situation. This is our way of letting people know that as an organization, we are still supporting our community,” Coen said.

The proceeds, which are being collected from other FCA clubs in Stafford high schools, will go to the Red Cross and from there they will be shipped off to the areas affected by the hurricanes on October 2nd.