Top Ten Best DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts

Grace Mamon, Managing Editor

With Valentines Day right around the corner, everybody wants to get their special someone something special. Personalized and hand-made gifts trump store-bought items any day of the week, so The Talon has compiled a list of ten easy, cheap, DIY gifts that are perfect for Valentine’s Day.

1. 52 Things I Love About You

This gift is a great way to tell your significant other everything you love about them. It’s cute and easy to make, and is guaranteed to make him or her smile. Follow this easy tutorial for step-by-step instructions. 

2. Date Night Jar

This is the perfect gift if you and your significant other are indecisive about date ideas. Brainstorm a bunch of ideas and categorize them: cheap dates, expensive dates, restaurants, outdoor dates, home dates, etc. Simply write the ideas on Popsicle sticks and color coordinate them based on the categories, then place them in a jar. Then, decorate the jar!

3. Decorated Picture Frame

There are millions of ways to decorate a picture frame. Pick up a blank wooden frame from a craft store and decorate it however you want. Anything goes! Pick your favorite photo and pace it in the decorated frame.

4. Baked Goods

Pick a dessert that your significant other enjoys, or go for a classic like chocolate-covered strawberries or heart-shaped cookies. Decorate a box or container however you want.

5. A Personalized Mug

Just like picture frames, there are a ton of ways to decorate a mug. You can use sharpies or paint to write a cute message, initials, or draw a heart. Just look up different ways to decorate a mug for inspiration.

6. A Mixtape

Making a CD is super easy, and is a really thoughtful gift. Pick your favorite love songs and compile a playlist. You can choose songs that are meaningful for you and your significant other, like the one that was playing on your first date, or just songs that you both love. Maybe pick songs that remind you of your significant other. You can use a permanent marker to decorate the CD and slide a favorite photograph in the case.

7. A Love Letter or Poem

Break out of your comfort zone and write your significant other a love letter or poem. Even if writing isn’t your thing, a written note or poem is a super thoughtful gift.

8. Strawberry Roses

If you’re feeling really creative, use this tutorial to make a bouquet of strawberry roses . All you need are strawberries and bamboo skewers! 

9. A Photo Cube

Photo cubes are a great (and easy) gift that is both fun and sweet. Follow the instructions in this tutorial to make a photo cube! 

10. Bath Bombs

Homemade bath bombs are super fun and easy to make. Look up different recipes use heart-cookie cutters or food coloring for a Valentine’s Day theme!