The Ultimate Highschool Checklist

Tamar Caldwell, Reporter

With the fate of our education and future in the palms of our hands, high school is the craziest maze that students must survive through before their entrance to the real world. One of the best things that will assist you in a journey through these 4 years of high school is a mapped out list of what needs to be done. Luckily, the Talon has made one for all of the students of Colonial Forge.


Freshman Year

– Take classes that are as challenging as you can take. Try and take an honors class or two; colleges like to see a student who choose to learn further than they’re required to.
– Put forth an effort towards your grades. This is the main goal throughout all four years of high school.
– Get involved with activities/clubs.

Sophomore Year

– All the goals should be the same as the previous year but also start to find things that your passionate about or form a talent. However, do not stress over finding said talent/passion.
– Actually try on the PSAT day; colleges keep an eye on those scores.

Junior Year

– Start to consider your passions and talents now as you start developing  some careers interests. Talk to an adult about what you want to do in the future. Maybe even talk to some adults about their careers. You can be undecided by this point in high school but just continue to consider your options.
– Begin your college search. List out things that you find important in a college then make a list of colleges that fulfill those needs.
– In spring you need to make sure that you will graduate on time.
– Talk to your counselor about the college list that you’ve created.
– You also should take your SAT or ACT in the spring.
– Request college information.
– Research college costs, talk to your parents about the finances, and maybe get a summer job to assist with the cost.

Senior Year

– Talk with your counselor about your grades and test scores from the previous year and how it all ties in with college.
– Maybe retake your SAT/ACT. Many times you can get a better score the second times and many colleges super score to receive your best score.
– Ask a teacher for some feedback on college or scholarship essays.
– Request letters of recommendations. Make sure the teacher has time in advance to write you a great letter.
– Request your high school transcripts; these are required for your college applications.
– Submit your admissions and college scholarship applications before winter break for early action.
– Apply for private scholarships and grants.
– Send the colleges of your choice your midyear grades.
– Make your final decision for your college by springtime then notify the colleges that accepted you of your final decision.
– Set up the housing and meal plans at the college that you plan on attending.
– Send your final transcript to the college that you plan on attending after graduation.
– Organize your money plans for college.
– Attend your college freshmen orientation.