National High-Five Day

April 19th is National High-Five Day, and in honor of this National day here is a guide for the perfect high five.

Step 1

Find an enthusiastic partner.

Step 2

Obtain good posture. Poor posture results in a weak high five and a bad look.

Step 3

Pump excitement and happiness through you and your partner. A high five is a celebratory action.

Step 4

The wind up. Wind up as if you are throwing a baseball. Walk towards your partner with the dominant hand, and begin to wind back.

  • You may twist slightly at the waist and/or lean back slightly for added power.

Step 5

The swing forward. For an accurate and precise hit, looking at the partners elbow in the swing forward provides a pinpoint meeting of the hands.

Step 6

Contact. If followed, the previous steps would provide you with an accurate and epic high five. You will know if it is optimal if the people around you turn and look after hearing the perfectly planted high five smack of the two hands.

Step 7

Celebrate your perfected high five… with another high five.

There are multiple variants of the infamous high five.

  • “The Bro Five” One of the more epic high fives, each hand coming across your body, meeting in the middle and immediately gripping the others hand with a loud thump and a little muscle flex to emphasize the bro-ness.
  • “Air Five” If you and your partner are across a room, an easy solution to distance. Pretend to meet hands in the air across the room.
  • “The Down Low” One hand below, one hand above. The high hand meeting striking the low hand.

If a visual or further knowledge is needed, take a look at this video:

DoingIt Right