Students Give Their Thoughts On The Government Shutdown And The Border Wall

Kayliah Kendrix, Reporter

“So now my dad has to go into work for free because he works in the Secret Service. For Christmas, I couldn’t get everything I wanted. That was last minute when the government shutdown first started, so I was told I had to wait for stuff, and I still haven’t got it. [Trump]’s so extra. It’s not that big of a deal; he can just have his little cheap wall and call it a day” – Ciana Cross (’20)

“We have too many people in this country who are not getting taxed and waiting in line like people should, and people coming across, most of them–well not most of them, but–most of them from Mexico, and [they] are doing illegal things, but not all of them–I can’t say all of them–and they’re just skipping the line, and it’s not fair. So I agree with Trump on everything he does. In my opinion, Mexico should pay for it because of everything we’ve done for them, and they keep sending people over to our country. I extremely agree with it, because we need to keep most of these people out and stop doing illegal activities. Trump is not gonna give up, because one of his main purposes to start running was to build the wall, so I don’t think he’s gonna give up that easy. So I think it’s gonna be an 80% chance that Congress is gonna pay for it.” – Alex McIntyre (’20)


“My dad is home. My dad has been home since, like, around Christmas, and he’s home just doing stuff all day. He’s an IT [Information Technology worker]. He used to work for Social Security, but has now moved up. I think Trump might realize that they’re not gonna give in. I’ll give it a month, and he’ll just let it go and try and figure out a different way that isn’t 5.4 billion dollars worth. There are a lot of people coming into the country illegally and taking jobs from people when they could just come into the country the right way. But you don’t need a wall; like, it’s not gonna solve the problem fully. Like, either way it’s gonna happen; there will just be another way to do it.” -Kimberly Asamoah (’20)