Uncommon Colleges In Virginia

Sara Michel, Reporter

When you look into Virginia colleges you automatically think Virginia Tech, Virginia Commonwealth University, James Madison University, Old Dominion University, and many more. Virginia has a wide span of colleges, below is a list of not so common colleges in Virginia according to https://www.usnews.com/.

Bridgewater University

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Bridgewater University is a private college that is known for their national liberal arts program. The university was founded in 1880 and has a rural campus with 300 acres of land. Some of their well-known majors include business and management, fitness studies, biological and biomedical studies, and psychology.

Student Count – 1,882

In-State Tuition – $35,160

Hampden-Sydney University

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Hampden-Sydney is a private university, founded in 1770. This university is ranked 113th in 2019’s edition in National Liberal Arts Colleges. Hampden-Sydney’s popular majors include business/managerial economics, economics, biology/biological sciences, history, and English literature. The campus is rural and the campus size is 1,343 acres.

Student Count – 1,046

In-State Tuition – $45,396

Longwood University

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Longwood University is a public university that is ranked 25th in the 2019 edition of best colleges in Regional Universities South. Common majors include liberal arts and sciences, business management, health professions, parks and recreation, and social sciences. The campus setting is rural and quite small, with 60 acres. There are about 100 majors, minors, and concentrations. Longwood also has several annual events and more 125 student organizations. This university is home to more than 20 Greek chapters.

Student Count – 4,470

In-State Tuition – $13,340

Roanoke University

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Roanoke University is a private university known for their liberal arts. The students can choose from more than 35 majors to pursue a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Business Administration. Well-known majors here include business administration, psychology, biology/biological sciences, and communication and media sources. The campus has a suburban setting with 80 acres of land. Roanoke students offers more than 100 clubs and roughly 10 sororities and fraternities.

Student Count – 2,037

In-State Tuition – $43,780

Washington and Lee University

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Washington and Lee is a private university that was founded in 1749. The campus is 430 acres in a rural setting. Washington and Lee University is ranked 11th in 2019’s edition of Best Colleges for the Liberal Arts. Popular majors include business administration, accounting and business, economics, political science and government, and English literature. Washington and Lee’s School of Law is also highly ranked. There are more than 120 student organizations, including sororities and fraternities. About 80% of students are involved in Greek Life.

Student Count – 1,827

In-State Tuition – $52,455