Winter Sports Tryouts

Caroline Saunders, Staff Writer

It is officially time for winter sports, so if you are interested in basketball, wrestling, indoor track, swimming or gymnastics come and tryout! In order to participate you will need the following: 

Depending on the sport you will be trying out for you want to make sure you have: 

  • a change of clothes,
  • a mask, a personal water bottle,
  •  an inhaler if necessary, your forms, and
  •  equipment you will be using to try out: grips for bars, basketball shoes, a towel, or goggles.

Tryouts for boys basketball and gymnastics will hold their tryouts Nov 8th and 9th. Girls basketball will hold tryouts Nov 8th-10th, and Swimming and Indoor track will hold their tryout Nov 8th-11th. 

Aside from all of the paper work and equipment, it is also important that you come in with a confident mindset, don’t be afraid to fail.

 “My advice to new freshies and sophomore is don’t be afraid to come out. If you feel like you can contribute to the program, it doesn’t hurt to try out and give your best, “ girls basketball coach Marquel Jones said. 

When is comes to being at the tryouts, don’t be too hard on yourself if you mess up a pass or a drill, have short term memory when it comes to your mistakes. Just don’t make the same one over and over again. Coaches understand that slip ups are going to happen, they care more about how you react and over come your challenges.

“ Have a positive attitude and open mindset into trying different skills,”  gymnastics coach, Brynne Reeves said. 

Tryout nerves are completely normal, but there is a difference between being nervous and being scared. Don’t be scared. 

“Play your best and don’t be scared, if you play your best and just try hard they [coaches] will want you on their team” 3-year varsity basketball letterman, Ashton Schoolfield (‘22) said. 

Being confident and having “short term memory” is definitely easier said than done. It’s important to remember that not making the team is not the end of the world, 

 “If you don’t make it this year, don’t give up trying again next year. Work harder and improve,” boys basketball coach, Anthony Mills said.