Cereal Milk Ice Cream. Need I Say More?


Sophia Penton

Ice Cream sampler from Blue Cow Ice Cream including small-batch seasonal offerings.

Sophia Penton, Assistant Editor


607 William St, Fredericksburg, VA 22401


Sunday to Thursday 12-9 PM

Friday to Saturday 12-10 PM


Price Point: $$

Rating: ★★★★☆


Have you ever had Goat Cheese ice cream?

It’s good. 

Blue Cow Ice Cream Co. is a charming ice cream shop unlike any other, mainly because of the wide variety of incredibly unique flavors they have to offer. The shop itself creates an environment with an exciting feel and a fresh vibe perfect for any occasion with ice cream that is sold at a price well worth the quality. Their ice creams are hand-crafted and made in small batches right in Virginia and it really shows. 

The warm and inviting smell of waffle cones pleasantly overwhelms your senses as soon as you walk through the door. The air is filled with generational music from the 60s and 70s, including songs from the Beatles, that evokes a fun and nostalgic feeling. The walls of the shop are covered with colorful and vivid murals and interesting decor. The names of all of their flavors are written in different colors on a large chalkboard creating an eye-catching menu. 

They offer 17 flavors of ice cream, including the classics, as well as creative and exciting flavors like Goat Cheese with Blueberry Swirl and Cereal Milk. The shop also offers non-dairy versions of some of its flavors for customers who can’t have dairy products. In addition to this, they offer gluten-free ice creams and clearly indicate which flavors include nuts in them. Their careful attention to detail truly does improve the experience for all customers. 

They sell their ice cream in sizes including mini, single, or double scoops and you can have it in a waffle cone for an additional dollar. One of their most iconic serving options, however, is a flight of ice cream that comes with four full scoops of different flavors. The flight is a fantastic way to try all the flavors you want to and perfect for sharing with a friend, or even a date. 

On my visit, I shared a flight with a friend and we tried a few different flavors including Goat Cheese with Blueberry Swirl, Sea Salt Brickle with Caramel Swirl, Dark Chocolate Raspberry, and Peanut Brittle with Chocolate Ganache. The goat cheese ice cream is a cool and refreshing flavor with a fruity twist. The sea salt caramel flavor is made of salty and rich caramel-flavored ice cream combined with thick caramel and chunks of caramel brickle throughout. The chocolate ice cream has a very deep and rich dark chocolate flavor combined with a sweet raspberry swirl that complements the slight bitterness. The peanut butter ice cream has a light yet flavorful profile with chunks of chocolate ganache and crunchy peanuts that create an interesting texture. 

While you can get a great cone at many different establishments, at the Blue Cow Ice Cream Co. you can get a flavor you’ll never forget in a delightful atmosphere.