Dressed for Success

Students in room 401 design teachers to express their plans for the future.

Caroline Saunders and Shelby Jaunal

The plan of Ms. Michelle Darley class was to create T-shirts. Darley wanted to help her students find avenues to fit into the community and to teach them helpful creative skills.

“We were trying to talk about how you can invest in your future and how you can be an entrepreneur and this is something that they can do. And you know, if you were a little bit creative how you could put that all together.”

Using Cricut design, the students were able to design their own shirts, which Ms. Darely then printed out for them to transfer onto their shirts.

“There’s just so many skills from that, you know, the financial side of it, the business side of it, you know, just trying to get them to think outside the box instead of your simple core curriculum,” Darley said.