Why Are We Missing The Point Of Power Hour?


Exit Vernon

Students crowd the library hallway, a common sight during power hour.

Exit Vernon, Design Editor

Lunch at Forge has changed a lot this year with the addition of eagle power hour. As soon as the bell rings, students crowd the halls on the way to the cafeteria. Shortly after that point, they have already sat down on the floor, leaving others no choice but to step over them. 

One day, students completely filled the performing arts hallway to watch Beyblade matches. A group of freshmen sings Hamilton songs in the hallways, fights break out, and students argue. Students wander the halls looking for something to do. Band kids practice their instruments, filling the performing arts hall with chaotic noise

Power hour gives students opportunities to go to club meetings and get tutoring without having to stay after school. So, classrooms fill with students eating lunch, or attending club meetings.

“The point of Power Hour is to provide students with opportunities to get help with tutoring. We have our clubs and organizations or activities they meet once a month, but mainly the goal is for students that need help with their coursework,” Mr. Daniel, the Forge principal, said 

But do students actually take advantage of those opportunities? 

“I always just eat my lunch and walk around because we got nothing else to do really” Charlie Brickl (‘26) said.

Students don’t seem to be spending their time in classrooms making up tests or missing work, but instead hanging out. The question is; why?

“Immaturity, not focused, not disciplined, which is not uncommon with underclassmen,” Mr. Daniel said.

So if students are doing the wrong thing, what does the faculty recommend we do?

“Take advantage of the opportunities. If you’ve got missing work, go to your math teacher’s class and make up that work. It’s up to you to advocate for yourself, ” Mr. Daniel said.

Some believe that power hour isn’t perfect, so what can staff do to make it better? And are these solutions easy to achieve?

 “I think they can improve it by having more activities for people,” David Curry (‘23) said.

A lot of students agree there should be more activities but is that possible for faculty to achieve?

“Having an open campus for lunch, we need to have staff supervising hallways and supervising bathrooms by the cafeteria. We need supervision, it limits us as far as staff is concerned, to be able to offer more activities. But there’s an opportunity for us to do that. We just have to just find the balance. So that one is not taken away from the other.” Mr. Daniel said. 

“I just think the school can be easier on what the students do around the school. Like people walking around together or just people having fun in general” Arielle Simons (‘26) said.

Many students spend their lunch walking sound looking for something to do or talking.

“I don’t mind students walking around and getting exercise. The issue is, when students walk around, they’re being loud, they’re being disruptive.. If you’re walking around with a group of friends and you’re in the English hallway and you’re loud. We’ve got English teachers and they’re trying to tutor and help other students,” Mr. Daniel said 

Even though students can take this time to hang out with friends it’s still not too late to take the opportunity given with eagle power hour.

“There’s still a lot of students that are not taking advantage of it. And hopefully that will change,” Mr. Daniel said.