BeReal: The Newest and Realest Trend

Jasmine Williams, Writer

BeReal, an increasingly popular social media app, has 21.6 million active users and holds first place in the social network chart in Apple’s app store.

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The app is an image-sharing social media app that prompts users to upload one unedited photo of their current behavior, utilizing the front and rear camera on a users phone to capture the full scoop. The notification is unpredictable, giving the inside scoop on personal life, which is the namesake of the app. Additionally, if the user fails to complete the task within two minutes, the user’s friends will be notified of this failure.

“BeReal is fun because you get to see what everyone is doing at the same time every day and it’s just a cool way to post pictures of you and your friends for others to see.” Morgan Crosby (’25) said.

BeReal affected my life in a good way because it was very fun to take pictures and share it with friends.”

— Kayla Santiago ('26)

The app is a strikingly different form of social media in 2022. As the app has matured into a sensation due to its unconventional nature in social media standards. Intimidating apps like Snapchat, TikTok, and Instagram, since well-established social media apps like these do not offer users these unorthodox opportunities. Plus, BeReal relies on zero advertisements, making it much more popular with the teenage userbase.

“It’s a new way to update your friends on your life without having to stay in touch.” Kayla Santiago (’26) said.