Female Forge Athletes Take Over


Shelby Jaunal

Kyla Saunders (’24) and Leah Doty (’23) support each other on the court. “just keep everyone’s energy up because if one person’s down, you can’t really motivate the team because that one person’s energy is going to bring everyone’s motivation down and you can’t really get we need done done.” Kyla said.

Shelby Jaunal and Seamus McPherson

It’s no surprise to hear about Forge Athletes stealing the win in regionals and districts, finishing off their seasons victoriously, but more specifically the girls on golf, cheer, field hockey, and volleyball have all glided into their postseasons on a good note.

The girls do not take a break, practicing almost everyday after school. In the past, teams weren’t even allowed to practice during the offseason, but now they get the opportunity to improve all throughout the year. 

Consistency and practice keeps the teams up to date and ready for their next game. 

“The coaches that are here are always and have been for a number of years, so that helps at the program level and how we do things.” said Mr. Jake Hill, who you might hear over the loudspeaker during the games. 

If you haven’t been keeping up, Forge Cheer made it to both district finals in third place (Oct. 12) and regional finals (Oct. 26). 

Girls Golfer, Makayla Grubb (‘25), made it as runner up two years in a row, as a sophomore. Not only that, but Mia Skaggs (‘23) is also paving a path of success during her last year on the team. 

“The seasons are going pretty good. It just ended for me yesterday because I made it to golf states as an individual. We also made it to states as a team and competed in the team states competition.” Mia said. 

It doesn’t stop there, Volleyball has an overall record of 22-3, the team is unstoppable. Winning their district finals as well with a score of 3-2 against Massaponax High School. Next up for Volleyball is Regionals. 

“We actually won the district final a couple of days ago ,and it was actually surprising, but it just felt so good overall. We’ve been very put together and very close to each other. Our relationships made our playing even better, having that strong chemistry with each other.” Volleyball player, Kiyah Robinson (‘24) said. 

Also heading to regionals, Field Hockey has a current score of 11-7. Their district game got postponed, but they are headed to regionals on Nov. 1st.

So what is leading to the girl’s success? 

Almost all of the teams stated that the love and support this year from the teammates lead to their victories. 

“I love that the team felt like we definitely had the drive and the push and the edge that we needed the past couple of years.” said Aniya Killings (‘23), the cheer team captain.

In order to succeed as a team, the girls have to work together and have each other’s back.

Don’t forget to show up and support the athletes at their next competition.