Forge Students Attend Virginia Honors Choir


Kat Halepaska

Ms. Barbara Perry instructing choir students during a practice to further develop the students skills.

Will Hagaman, Editor in Chief

Senior Forge choir students auditioned far back in October to have the chance to be a part of the prestigious Virginia Honors Choir in Richmond this year.

The auditioning students had to recite a song from “I Attempt from Love’s Sickness to Fly,” and preform various and randomly chosen pieces of music on the spot. Even after completing all of those steps, selection was not guaranteed for these students.

“Anybody who is in choir and has ever been interested in doing larger choirs should definitely audition because it was a really cool experience.” Emma Jones (‘23) stated.

Two students were selected this year after the grueling selection process, Emma Jones (‘23) and Marcus Dowd (‘23) for the final event.

Only seniors are allowed to audition, and it’s a very prestigious choir to be in. It is challenging for the kids to make, the best singers in the whole state make it.

— Ms. Barbara Perry

“Generally on an average I would say we have one to three students make it each year, so two is good.” Ms. Barbara Perry, the Forge choir teacher, stated.

After being selected, the two students went to Richmond from Nov. 17 to 18. In Richmond, they with other selected students, would stay at the Richmond Marriott. While staying at the Marriott, the students would practice with their fellow top-in-state students, and would eventually preform together with a guest director.

“Our conductor had a lot of useful knowledge, like everything she said seemed like something that I needed to write down because she was really gifted. She was really good at teaching things in a way that I hadn’t heard before, and thats something I love about all the different choir events.” Marcus Dowd (‘23) said.

This is not the end of the choir saga however, with auditions for All-State-Choir coming up on Jan. 31. For more information about these auditions, contact Ms. Barbara Perry, the Forge choir teacher.