8 Date Ideas for Different Couples in Fredericksburg

Although Valentines Day may be over, that does not mean that couples should stop celebrating their romantic union. To help with deciding where to go out, here is a list of 8 date ideas.


Hayden Pacheco

Downtown Fredericksburg is a perfect spot to take out your significant other, no matter what you enjoy downtown has it.

Hayden Pacheco, Writer

1. Artsy Couples

For artsy couples who want to have a romantic date while still saving money, a walk around downtown and stopping by different art galleries is relaxing and romantic. The galleries are nice and quiet with low light, but still have some beaming on the art. Brush Strokes Gallery supports local artists and has fascinating art. Libertytown Arts Workshop is on the pricey side with drop-in art classes costing $30.

 2. Laid-back Couples

If you and your partner like to lay around and save money, a low-key date idea is walking around the mall, sharing a Cinnabon, and getting matching shirts at Hot Topic. It is not too much, and is still romantic. On the other hand, if you want to splurge a little on a date, going to see a movie and getting Sammy Ts gourmet burgers with some appetizers like some Nachos in downtown Fredericksburg can be an amazing experience.

3. Sporty/Active Couples

For active couples who like to get out and exercise together, go for a jog around Old Mill Park then get a power smoothie at FXBG Nutrition & Energy. There is a lot of natural lighting in the cafe and it is not too big. The birthday cake smoothie had a sweet and appetizing flavor profile and wasn’t too sweet. It woke me up and gave me energy. A bike ride on the Virginia Central Railway Trail is another great idea to do after to burn some calories and the scenery is beautiful.  If you want to spend a little more cash Renegade Combat Sports Club offers boxing and self-defense classes for only $20 per session. The gym is big with a boxing ring.

4. Quiet Couples

For couples who don’t like the loud outgoing scene and prefer a peaceful atmosphere, reading some books together and hanging out in Riverby Books is a cute date idea. The atmosphere is romantic with dimmed lights, couches in most areas to relax and read, and a diverse selection of books to choose from. If you’re looking to spend some cash, Agora’s downtown coffee shop has a lot of natural lighting. The setting is very quiet with cozy seating and a patio for warm February days, and their coffees are spectacular with an excellent flavor profile with dairy-free options.

5. Instagram Couples

If you’re just looking for great picture opportunities with your significant other, some great spots are downtown. The Mosaic Mural contains vibrant mosaics of a garden filled with flowers on Jackson Street. Also on Jackson Street, there is a gorgeous mural of grassy hills, blue sky, and a farm to promote an ice cream shop. If you want to go all out these spots are great! But on the other hand, getting your friend or hiring a photographer to come in and take pictures of you and your significant other sharing ice cream at Abner B’s with very vibrant yellow walls with art and delicious ice cream.

6. Splurging Couples

If you and your partner just love eating out or just spending money on each other anytime you can, Fahrenheit 132 is a pricey dinner spot, with prices ranging from $15-$55. The atmosphere is very romantic with dimmed lights and candlelights on each table. Their steaks are what they’re mainly about. It is a little on the busier side, so make reservations early.

7. ‘To be or not to be’ Couples

If you and your partner/friend still need to learn what you guys are but still want to do something together, going to the Rouce Center and playing soccer together or just having a picnic on the grass is a great choice. If you want to spend some more money, go to Funland and play some arcades together, go-kart racing, ride rides, and play laser tag together. It is not so romantic and is still fun.

8. Outgoing Couples

If you’re the type of couple who likes to live in the party scene and likes to be out all the time but without spending too much money, a great date idea would be taking a drive down to Reclaim Arcade, where tickets are only $15 per person. When you buy the ticket you have full free access to all games, and you can stay as long as you want. Inside is a very ’80s theme, with retro Arcade games and the atmosphere of dark lighting and purple neon lights. If you want to get really into the challenging game scene, Rush Hour live escape games are great to do in groups with many people the price is $32 per player. They have different types of rooms you can complete, ranging from extravagant, well detailed, to bland and easy. It is challenging and anticipating, a perfect mixture for a date.