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List of All Forge Fall Club/Union/Association

All Active Clubs as of September 12th, 2023
Terranie Bennett
Random Acts of Kindness notes of encouragement

Even if the club has already started, don’t be discouraged! Click on each Sponsor or Presidents name to email them with any questions you may have.

*Any clubs not added are either not active, or still in development.


Competition: All groups in this category compete under the VHSL.


Battle of the Books: A Team that reads from a list of YA Fiction and tests their knowledge at the Annual High School Battle of the Books Competition.

President and Sponsor: Emmy Lieser

First Meeting: August 24th

Meeting times: Every other Thursday after school

Room: Library


Forensics/Speech: A team that embarks on self-expression and communication mastery.

President: Charlotte Vorder Bruegge

Sponsor: Andrew Carr

Interest Meeting: Sometime in November

Remind Code: @cfspeech24


Debate: A team for winning arguments(but with a prize). 

President and Sponsor: Donna Gordon

Interest Meeting: Sometime in the Spring


DECA: A Career and Technical Organization that readies leaders and future entrepreneurs for careers through Competition and Leadership events.

President and Sponsor: Tiffani Vasquez

Meeting times: Right after school(infrequent)

Room: 142

Remind code: @cfhsdeca24 


JROTC/Drill Team/Raider Team/JLAB/Robotics: ROTC based competition teams that compete against other students state/county wide in obstacle courses, performances, etc.

Sponsor: Lee Worthan Mark Strong Phillip Roberts

Meeting times: Once a week after school(different days for each team)


Scholastic Bowl/Academic Team: A competition team where students compete in trivia games.

President: Jona Han

Sponsor: Nicolas Kwatnoski

Interest Meeting: September 4th

Meeting times: Every Thursday, right after school

Room: 426

Playoffs: January


Technology Student Association(TSA): An Association for personal development, leadership, and career opportunities in STEM.

President: Nivia Wukovich

Sponsor: Mr Thomasser

Meeting times: Wednesdays after school at 2pm

Room: 121


Ultimate Frisbee: A competition team that isn’t an official sport; However there will be Regional and State Championships sometime in the Spring.

President: Jordyn Hileman

Sponsor: Taylor Simpson

Meeting times: Monday, Wednesday and most Saturdays, from 2:15-3:30

Room: 140


Cyber Patriot: A team whose goal is to educate students on how to secure operating systems, and preparing them for a career in Cybersecurity.

President and Sponsor: Adam Cotton

Meeting times: Every Saturday from 9am-6pm

Where: Over Discord

Competition Dates: Oct. 15th, Nov. 5th, December 10th, and Jan. 21st


Honor Societies:


National Honor Society(NHS): A student-based society that focuses on Leadership, Scholarships, etc.

Presidents and Sponsors: Megan Struder Courtney Kreft

Meeting times: TBD


National History Honor Society(NHHS): A society that encourages interest, understanding, and appreciation for Social Studies

President and Sponsor: Morgan Larowe

Interest Meeting: TBD


National Art Honor Society(NAHS): A group that serves the community with artistic projects, such as Murals, Design Posters, etc. There is an annual $15 fee.


Sponsor: Leslie Orton

Meeting times: First Wednesday of the month, at 2:05

Room: 105


Mu Theta Alpha Math Honor Society: A club dedicated to instill mathematical understanding and the enjoyment of mathematics. Need to be enrolled in Algebra II, and need to have a minimum 3.0 GPA(B) in all math classes to be eligible. Applications are due by the end of October.

President: Sebastian Rao

Sponsor: Elaina Rogers

Interest Meeting: August 28th

Meeting times: Second Tuesdays of each month from 2-2:30, and every Thursday for tutoring sessions from 2-3pm.

Room: 206


Science National Honor Society: A Society dedicated to Science-related community service.

President: Abena Opoku

Sponsor: Michael Singer

Interest Meeting: September 21st

Meeting times: Last Monday of each month, at 2:10

Room: 440

Remind code: @snhscfhs


National English Honor Society: A Society for fostering Literacy, and a love of language.

President and Sponsor: Amanda Scheel

Meeting times: TBD 


Latin Honor Society: A society dedicated to promote the study and use of Latin in a social setting.

President and Sponsor: David Yates

Interest Meeting: September 8th

Meeting times: Second Friday of each month from 2:10-3:10pm

Room: 125


Spanish Honor Society: Students learn and explore Spanish Culture.

President and Sponsor: Cessi Kaim


French Honor Society/French Club: A club for exploring French culture. $25 one-time dues.

President and Sponsor: Krysta Goodwin

Meeting times: First Thursday of each month, at 2:10

Room: 144


International Thespian Society: A Theatre Honor society that serves the school and theatre community. There is a one time $35 fee.

President: Bailey Pellegrini

Sponsor: Lisa Cover-Tucci

Meeting times: Third Wednesday of each month from 2-3pm

Room: Drama Room/Blackbox


Volunteer/Environmental Groups: These groups are dedicated to helping the community in some way, whether it be within school grounds or within the county.


Random Acts of Kindness: A club dedicated to encouraging others and promoting kindness to others around the school.

Sponsor and President: Rebekah Cousins-Shaikh

Meeting times: First and third Thursday of each month, right after school.

Room: 421

Interest Meeting: August 24th 


Red Cross Club: A club for educating students about Health, Sports, General Medicine, etc.

President and Sponsor: Thomas Coen

Meeting times: TBD 

Room: 445


LEO Club: A group that engages in a range of initiatives, such as volunteers, fundraises, etc. 

President: Abena Opoku

Sponsor: Cassandra Keene

Meeting times: First and third Wednesdays of each month(may change), at 2:10

Room: 308

Remind code: @leocfhs


Buddy Club: A club made for creating friendships between Special Education students, and General Education students.

President: MyMy Aliff

Sponsor: Tracey Watterson

Interest Meeting: August 29th

Meeting times: First Friday of each month, at 2:15

Room: 102

Upcoming events: 

Homecoming Dinner in the Library

Fundraiser for Field Hockey Game(Oct. 3rd)TBD

Buddy Night at a Volleyball Game(Oct. 16th)TBD


Health Occupations Students of America(HOSA): A group for developing leadership and technical skills through community service, awareness, and health career exploitation.

President and Sponsor: Stephanie Clinger

Interest Meeting: August 8th

Meeting times: 3rd Thursday of each month(more meetings in between, but email the sponsor for details)

Room: 409


Environmental Club: A club dedicated to improving our natural environment, and raising awareness about environmental issues. $5 dollar dues.

President: Amber Livingston Lauren Lilly

Sponsor: Konrad Heller Laura Diamantopoulos

Deadline: September 9th

Meeting times: 3rd Thursday of each month, at 2:05

Room: 309


Writing Center: A student-led tutoring program that helps students improve on their writing.

President and Sponsor: Elissa Ben-Eli

Meeting times: First and third Thursday of each month after school

Room: 343


UNICEF: A student-led initiative to raise funds and bring awareness to crises nationally and internationally with a focus of children.

President: Rasheedat Gidado

Sponsor: Sandra Gibbs

Meeting times: 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month at 2:15

Room: 227

Important events: Halloween Fundraiser in October


Future Business Leaders of America(FBLA): An organization that prepares students for careers in business leadership.

President: Emily Stoltenberg

Sponsor: Anna Killion

Meeting times: 3rd Tuesday of each month, at 210

Room: 220


Horticulture Club: A club for learning about different species of plants and how to care for them.

President: Caitlyn Rogers

Sponsor: Taylor Simpson

Meeting times: 3rd Thursday of the month, right after school.

Room: 140


Habitat for Humanity Club: Club members help with both construction and fundraising, for housing for the homeless.

President: Daniel Rincon Carvajal

Sponsor: Michelle Brewer

Interest Meeting: September 6th

Meeting times: First Wednesday of each month after school

Room: 141


Student Creators of Change(SCC): Club members work to bridge the gap that first generation students face in both English and Spanish.

President and Sponsor: Michael Arriaza

Meeting times: Once a month, after school(email Sponsor for details)


Student Led Unions/Associations: Groups where students lead to educate others on their respective topics.


Student Council Association(SCA): Groups of leader oriented students who represent the school.

Presidents by Grade:

Freshmen- Chris Fulmer

Sophomore- Lindsay Lee

Junior- Ella Fulmer

Senior- Adam Ahmed

Sponsor: Nicole Ashby Hollie Santay


Black Student Union(BSU): A Union created to provide a safe space for black students and allies to learn about the Black Experience.

President: Jovani Green Sydney Miller

Sponsor: Michael Snead

Interest Meeting: August 28

Meeting times: Every 2 weeks on either Monday or Friday, at 2:15

Room: Auditorium or Library

Remind code: @cfbsu


African Student Association(ASA): Students discuss and explore African Culture

President and Sponsor: Matthew Lentz

Meeting times: TBD

Room: 103


International Neuroscience Association: An association that breaks down socioeconomic and geographic barriers in neuroscience education.

President: Sebastian Rao

Sponsor: Paul Reibach


Asian Heritage: Gives students the opportunity to explore the diverse cultures, languages, economies, and histories that encompass Asia.

President: Lilie Donald

Sponsor: Tracey Watterson

Meeting times: 3rd Thursday of each month, at 2:15

Room: 102


Molten Art Literary Magazine: A yearly VHSL Publication created and run by students. 

President and Sponsor: Laura C. Spicer Shannon Hase

Interest Meeting: October 12th, at 2-3pm

Room: 304


Youth of Virginia Speak Out About Traffic Safety(YOVASO): Peer to peer education and leadership program for young drivers and passenger safety.

President: Caroline Stocks

Sponsor: Christopher Denno

Meeting times: Last Thursday of each month, at 2:05

Room: Multipurpose Room(Drivers Ed Rooms)


Chamber Ensemble: A student ensemble of String Instruments(Violin, Guitar, Cello, etc.) that perform with other International Ensembles at events and/or shows.

President: Lindsay Lee

Sponsor: Deborah Tripp

Meeting times: Infrequent, email President for details.


Female Empowerment: A group meant to empower women, promote their self-worth, and to support one another.

Presidents: Allie Medina Emily Hicks

Sponsor: Teresa Chambers

Interest: October 11, 2:15

Room: Library


Student Creativity: 


Forge Improv Team: To explore Improve and experiment with live Improv performances. Students must audition, and be a current member of the Theatre Club.

President: Charlotte Vorder Bruegge Isabella Johnson

Sponsor: Jeffry Clevenger

Meeting times: Fourth Wednesday of each month from 2-3pm.

Room: Drama Room/Blackbox


Theatre Club: A club for learning about and creating Theatre. There are $10 dues annually.

President: Charlotte Vorder Bruegge

Sponsor: Lisa Cover-Tucci Jeffry Clevenger

Meeting times: Second Wednesday of each month, from 2-3pm

Room: Drama Room/Blackbox


Crafting Club: A club dedicated to making things for different Clauses and Organizations.

President: Iris Lee

Sponsor: John Brown Mary Raftery

Meeting times: 2 Wednesdays a month, at 2pm

Room: Library

Upcoming events:

Corsage and Boutonniere making for Senior Citizen Prom(Spring)


Ted Ed Student Talks: A group that works on communication through Ted Ed talks in front of audiences.

President: Abena Opoku

Sponsor: Susan Easter

Meeting times: First and Third Thursdays of each month, from 2:10-2:40

Room: Library




Self Defense: A club designed to teach teens how to defend themselves

President: Madison Hamilton

Sponsor: Lee Worthan

Interest Meeting: Sept. 20 at 2:05

Meeting times: Every Wednesday, at 2:05

Room: 244


Love Them Both: The pro-life chapter of the Students for Life Association at Forge.

President: Addyson Turner

Sponsor: Robert Gillette

Meeting times: Once a month on Wednesdays after school

Room: Band Room


Hiking Club: A group that hikes around Stafford(and farther once a month)

President: Caroline Bass

Sponsor: Byron Spicer

Meeting times: TBD

Room: 407

Interest Meeting: October 5


Young Republicans

President: Anastasia Siegmund

Sponsor: Thomas Coen

Meeting times: TBD

Room: 445

Remind: @ead8g8


Badminton Club

President: Bella Chedid

Vice President: Jordyn Kelly

Sponsor: Ashton Dye

Meeting times: TBD

Room: 404

Remind: @birdie-ef


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