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Thomas Coen: Newest Member on Board of Supervisors

Thomas Coen is being sworn in at Colonial Forge.

Emily Imes, Reporter

December 11, 2018

In January of this year, Mr. Thomas Coen, AP Government teacher, applied for a position on the Board of Supervisors. “When a supervisor resigns, the state has specific procedures that are to be followed. Last January, the Board of Supervisors announced the vacancy. Interested people had a set tim...

Warning: Explicit Content Below

Warning: Explicit Content Below

Lauren Collis, Reporter

February 11, 2014

In "The Wolf of Wall Street", Leonardo DiCaprio plays a stockbroker named Jordan Belfort who swindles millions of dollars from investors through his sketchy stockbroking firm. DiCaprio’s character starts off as an eager, uncorrupted new guy on Wall-Street, but quickly spirals out of control when he be...

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