Warning: Explicit Content Below


Lauren Collis, Features Reporter

In “The Wolf of Wall Street”, Leonardo DiCaprio plays a stockbroker named Jordan Belfort who swindles millions of dollars from investors through his sketchy stockbroking firm. DiCaprio’s character starts off as an eager, uncorrupted new guy on Wall-Street, but quickly spirals out of control when he begins to make thousands of dollars a week. With Jonah Hill as his odd sidekick, he begins to get wrapped up in the world of money, drugs, and sex.The movie is nearly three hours full of crazy, and sometimes disturbing, situations that occasionally have you wanting to look away. It isn’t surprising that the movie is rated R with graphic scenes and colorful language making it definitely a movie that you’d want to check with your parents before watching.

Even though the movie is juvenile at times, the acting is superb. DiCaprio completely submerged himself into the role, turning himself into a sleazy character that no one would ever want to trust their money with. Throughout the film I was highly impressed with his acting, especially in one hilarious scene in which he narrates as he literally crawls towards his car. Jonah Hill impressed me as well with his portrayal of the humorous right-hand man to DiCaprio’s character. As expected, he handled the funny parts very well, like in one scene where he explains how he married his own cousin. What I wasn’t expecting was how he also handled the serious scenes equally as strong.

Matthew McConaughey, who was in the movie for only a few brief moments, made a big impact on the development of DiCaprio’s character. He ultimately was the reason why DiCaprio went from loveable and ambitious, to seedy and not-so-loveable. All the actors did a great job in getting into their characters and making the movie much more engaging and enjoyable.

Sadly, however, the acting was really the only silver lining I could find. Throughout the movie there were several mature scenes that eventually became ordinary due to their frequency. The cursing was a bit extreme, using the f-word over 506 times, a new record in movie history. For the most part the cursing seemed unneeded, almost like the director was actually trying to break the record.

This movie definitely shows that money brings women, based on several explicit scenes that can become very uncomfortable to watch with your parents (like I did). The drug use as well seemed very unrealistic and exaggerated, which took away from the enjoyment of the movie. I understood the purpose of the scenes, to show the lifestyle of the rich, but it all seemed very excessive.

All in all, this movie had great acting from all the characters and some enjoyable scenes that had everyone in the audience laughing. It was a disappointment that such great acting didn’t accompany such a great movie. This movie takes cursing, drugs, and sexuality to the extreme and I caution anyone who’s thinking about watching it that viewer discretion is definitely advised