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Life as a Dancer

Life as a Dancer

Melanie Thomas, Reporter

April 8, 2019

Olivia Burton (‘19), the Colonial Forge Dance Team captain, has had a passion for dance since she was one and a half years old. Her dream has always been to make a living in the professional dance world as a backup and Broadway dancer. She works hard toward that dream, spending about 42 hours per week...

Hit The Court With Joseph Beck

Hit The Court With Joseph Beck

James Mims, Reporter

February 8, 2017

Being a student who attends The Forge, one can only wonder what things even happen on the school grounds: what kind of events happen behind closed doors, what wonders are kept hush-hush. Just scratching the surface of the unknown are after school tennis games featuring Mr. Oldenburg. The veteran teacher...

Modern Family: Jake Mays

Brianne Clasen, Entertainment Editor

February 11, 2014

    After three weeks of hanging up over 20,000 strands of lights and a month of programming, Jake Mays (‘15) finally finished decorating his house for Christmas. As you drive onto Monument Drive, it compares to no other houses on his street. The red, green, and white lights flash to the beat of the ...

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