Heart-o-Grams and Candy Grams

Learn and Serve and Leo Club both got into the Valentine’s Day spirit by selling cute little notes to give to your special someone. Learn and Serve sold Heart-O-Grams, which were red cutout hearts that you could put a special message on, along with a little baggie full of hershey kisses. They sold them between the dates of February 17th through 21st and the proceeds that they received from the Heart-O-Grams were donated to the American Heart Association (AHA).

Learn and Serve collected one hundred dollars in total from the student body in the form of donations and penny-wars. The penny-wars entailed putting a penny into the teacher or coach that you wanted to wear a costume, and any other higher change into the teachers that you didn’t want to win.

Leo Club’s Candy Grams made eighty dollars for their club, as long as an additional one hundred and four dollars at a Cici’s Pizza fundraiser.