So Ducking Good

Grace Mamon, Managing Editor

After months of anticipation, popular donut chain, Duck Donuts, finally opened a Fredericksburg location. Based in North Carolina, Duck Donuts rivals other chains like Sugar Shack and Dunkin Donuts with their ever-changing variety of coffees, espresso drinks, breakfast sandwiches, and of course, donuts.

The Fredericksburg location, at 1223 Jefferson Davis Highway, will soon be accompanied by a Stafford component. Underway in Stafford Marketplace and set to open by the end of February, the Stafford location is currently hiring.

The addition of these two new locations will make for a grand total of fifteen Virginia shops. Next time you find yourself on Route 1, be sure to make a stop at Duck Donuts in Fredericksburg for a delicious cake donut or a hot coffee, and keep your eyes peeled for the opening in Stafford Marketplace.