Marching Band Travels to Florida

Zoreli Simien arriving at Disney Springs, their first stop in Florida.

Connor Merk, Editor

Every year the Marching Band goes on a trip to a fun and exciting place. This year they went to Disney World in Orlando Florida. I covered two people throughout the whole trip, they are Caitlynn Holmes and Zoreli Simien.


The first stop when they arrived was at the Rainforest Cafe in Disney Springs. Then they drove to Magic Kingdom and spent the whole day on rides and spending time with friends. The next day they went to Epcot, where they marched around the park and then had the rest of the day to go on rides and walk to all of the countries that are represented there. Then on Saturday, their last day, they drove up from Orlando to Jacksonville to change into dress attire and eat dinner at the Omni Hotel. After dinner they walked across the street to watch the Jacksonville Symphony perform their show.