24th Annual Teen Art Show

Amanda Lineweaver, Reporter

Hung and framed onto the walls in rows, decorating the library theatre, were more than 100 paintings by more than 90 teenagers within the community.

The 24th Annual Teen Art Show exhibit occurred the 8th through the 25th at the Fredericksburg library on Caroline street.

The piece declared the best in show was Julianne, by Serena McGowan. The first place winner of the 11-12th grade winners, was Wasio no hatia by by Hadleigh King. In second place, was blue side by Ingrid Jones. In third place, was Looking-glass Sincerity by Dante Durso. For the 9th and 10th graders, the first place winner was All Thorns Have Roses by Camille Koslo. Second place was Violet by Marion Kamara, and third place was Still Life by Madison Charles.

The pieces were judged by locally-renowned artists in the community, Johnny P. Johnson, Gabriel Pons, and Joelle Cathleen. Artwork was judged based on creativity and use of technique.

The show was originally going to take place inside of the library, but due to the large amount of entries, it was moved into the attached theatre. Refreshments and small snacks were displayed in the center.