Guide to Spirit Week.


Caroline Saunders, Staff Writer

“DON’T. BE. AFRAID. Embarrassment doesn’t exist when it’s spirit week at Forge. Spirit week is about stepping out of your comfort zone and having fun at school ” said Senior Class President, Mary Guckian (22’)

Monday, Sep. 20 – Decades Day 

Pick a decade and rock it!

Back in the 70s people would wear flared pants and flared shirts

People in the 80s would rock neon colors and bright designs

We go back to the 90s where they would wear skinny jeans, white shirts, ankle jeans, turtle necks, and leather jackets

Early into the 2000s, they would put on low-rise jeans and layer tank tops or rock baggy pants with a cap to the side. 

Tuesday, Sep. 21 – Country vs Country club 

Are you hanging out at the golf course or rounding up horses?

Grab your boots, jeans, a flannel, and a cowboy hat, and get ready to show off your best country-style outfit or show off your day at the country club look

Wednesday, Sep. 22 – Jersey day 

When you think of jerseys… do you picture sports or the shore?

Pick out your favorite jersey and wear it loud and proud, or take a trip down to the shore with your best beach look. 

Thursday, Sep. 23 – Character day 

Dress up as your favorite character/ meme/ celebrity!

Dress up as whichever character you want to be from Velma and shaggy from Scooby-Doo to Beyonce and Jay – Z, just be who you want to be! 

Friday, Sep. 24 – Spirit day

Show up in your best “forge Friday” look head to toe in green and blue! 

Friday is game day and to show your school spirit dress up in all green and blue from shirts to socks.