“Mid” Nights

Allie Medina, Co-Editor in Chief

Throughout Taylor Swift’s career she seems to go through a new phase with every album. This has delighted fans for years and is one of the main reasons she is considered such an icon today.

Taylor’s new album “Midnights” is no exception.

Although it may not be as good as some of her previous albums like “Evermore” and “Folklore” albums, it definitely has helped Taylor re-solidify her status as an icon, once again. She broke the U.S record for single-week vinyl sales, selling 575,000 vinyl LPs of “Midnights”. She also broke the record for biggest U.S streaming week for a female artist with 549.26 million streams. In addition to these mind blowing records, she also filled the entire Top 10 of Billboard’s Top 100.

Despite these records, Midnights did not live up to the infinite hype produced by the millions of Swifities shouting Taylor’s name. To be fair, that’s a hard bar to reach when the aforementioned albums, Folklore and Evermore, have made their way to the top of so many people’s rankings.

Some of my favorite songs from Taylor have been songs that produce a more upbeat vibe, rather than some of her other songs with a slower tone, like “Cowboy Like Me”. Luckily for me, this was exactly the vibe of “Midnights” and I was happy to hear “Lavender Haze” (the first track on the album), when I realized Taylor would be resorting back to her pop, upbeat sound, last seen in “Reputation” and “1989.”

Obviously some of the songs were disappointments, namely “Maroon” and “Labyrinth”, which bored me more than anything. As someone with a playlist containing every song I find remotely pleasant to listen to, Labyrinth did not make the cut.

However, that was the only song I didn’t enjoy, and while none of the songs will be making my Top 5 list of Taylor Swift songs, I wouldn’t write off the entire album.

I especially loved the songs “Mastermind” and “You’re On Your Own, Kid”. I would have loved to hear more of Lana Del Ray in “Snow on the Beach” considering she is one of my favorite artists, but I thought the song still held some of the Lana vibe she is so known for.

Now the 3am tracks: a pleasant surprise and one I was definitely not expecting when I opened Instagram the next morning. Controversially, I might even say these tracks were better than the original 13 from Midnights. I especially enjoyed “The Great War” and “High Infidelity”, both of which reminded me of Evermore, one of my favorite albums.

Overall, I thought the album was solid, not as black and white, good and bad, as people have been saying but definitely somewhere in the middle. Nevertheless, I will definitely continue listening to Midnights and crossing my fingers and hoping I get tickets for her upcoming tour, like the rest of the Swifties complaining about Taylor Swift’s newest addition to her iconic album lineup.