Opinion: You Shouldn’t Wear Pajamas To School

Terranie Bennet

The point of pajamas is to keep you warm, or comfortable while you sleep. If you really felt like it, you could lounge around in them at home. They’re comfy, and sometimes it’s better to just hang around in them if you don’t feel like putting on actual pants.

So why have students started wearing them throughout their day-to-day life instead? 

Once the day starts, the average person brushes their teeth, showers and gets dressed. 

As in, putting on jeans and a T-shirt, or a dress, maybe some khakis if they have somewhere fancy to be. But what’s the point of getting out of bed, freshening up and changing out of your pajamas, just to put on more pajamas?

Wearing actual clothes can help you focus more than trying to work in the clothes that you sleep in, because your brain may associate pajamas with sleep, and clothes in focus. While they won’t stop people from falling asleep in class, they’re more likely to keep someone attentive because they’re made to work or be active in.

They also may set your mood for the day. When people wear formal clothes, they’re set in a more business mode, or when people wear dresses they may feel more fun and carefree that day. Wearing pajamas gives you a more lazy, sleepy mode that makes it harder to go through your day-to-day.

So, maybe we could be uncomfortable but presentable for at least seven hours out of the day, and save the comfort for when we’re at home.

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