Why standardized testing should not be required


Sheza Rashed

Standardized testing should not be required. There are many reasons I believe standardized testing should not be required. 

Students already have enough work outside of school; one study shows why standardized testing is not something we have to take. People are taught things differently and it shouldn’t be against them, the same with SATs, ACT’s, etc. Some teachers teach, and some people learn things at a different pace than others, and that’s okay.

Yes, we do need to make sure we know all of the material but instead of seeing what students know, it stresses them out and they try to finish as quickly as possible. When students take standardized testing, they often get stressed out and don’t even read the question correctly, so they get it wrong because they either guessed or didn’t read it right. 

We shouldn’t have standardized testing because it causes stress and anxiety. Usually, people are more focused on finishing quicker rather than actually trying to get the question right. Also, another thing is if students don’t get enough sleep and wake up the next morning knowing they have to take a test all day, they are going to be unmotivated and extremely tired.

The unit tests make more sense because it’s everything from that specific unit. And they are also accurate because it’s from everything you learned in that specific unit so you know what the questions are going to look like and what you should be prepared to see on the test. And it also makes studying easier because you know your topic so you have to memorize it.

Students will be more stress-free because they don’t have to worry about standardized testing. But that still doesn’t mean that students will try less hard because they still would need to pass the unit tests and if they do try less hard, that’s their choice because they are willing to fail unlike most people who actually try but it just takes longer for them so people like that would feel better because they won’t have to stress about everything they learned instead they just have to focus on each topic at different times when the test for those topics come up.

I think this is very efficient because that way, students can study better and have more opportunities to pass also no one likes testing all day. It’s not only hard for students but also for the teachers to sit in the classrooms silently just watching students test all day.