Teen Gun Violence in the DMV, an Interactive Map

Teen Gun Violence in the DMV, an Interactive Map

Terranie Bennet and Alexis Grimes

On April 7,  Stafford police officials stated that two 17-year-old boys were found hiding in a shed in the Park Ridge neighborhood after a 15-year-old was shot in the back. Police reported finding three guns in the woods near the incident. They arrested the two 17-year-old boys who are being held at the Rappahannock juvenile center, one charged with Aggravated Malicious Wounding and use of a firearm during commission of a felony. The other was charged with possession of a firearm by a minor, and grand larceny of a firearm. 

About a week later, 18-year-old Jasiah Smith was shot in Bragg Hill. The alleged shooters, 19-year-old Aaron Randolph Carter, and a 16-year-old, were on the run for about three weeks before they were captured in Maryland on April 20.

Between 2019 and 2021, there was a 50% increase in gun deaths for American teens and children. 

As of April 26, 2023, there have been 153 teen-involved shootings in the DMV Area.

Data has been compiled by the Gun Violence Archive.


Map Key:

Victim- Orange

Suspect- Blue

Assassination Attempt- Pink

Homicide- Purple

Armed Robbery- Dark Blue

Drive-by- Brown

Mass Shooting- Blueish Green

Domestic Violence- Orange

Accidental- Light Green

Shootout- Gray

Drug Deal- Yellow

Suicide- Black

**To see the type of shooting, un-highlight the suspect and victim layer.

***Key is at top left corner of map.