6 TV Shows Experiencing to Rewatch This Summer

Jacob Johnson, Writer

It’s better late than never to catch up with good television, especially at its peak of recapturing viewer attention. And for those who have already watched, it’s never a bad idea to brush up on your knowledge.


Breaking Bad

courtesy of Sony Pictures

Released: 2008-2013; Genre: Drama-Suspense;

This AMC Drama which has been heralded as one of the greatest television series of all time has become the subject of a new influx of first-time viewers. Despite already being a well-known and iconic series, its addition on Netflix years ago as well as social media has helped generate more interest in the show. Carrying the series’ legacy is the equally acclaimed prequel, Better Call Saul, and the sequel movie, El Camino.

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Better Call Saul

courtesy of Sony Pictures

Released: 2015-2022; Genre: Drama-Suspense;

Breaking Bad creators Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould were able to recapture what made the show special in its prequel series, Better Call Saul. With the show only reaching its sixth and final season just this year and the series finale premiering in August, discussions and analyses about the show and its conclusion are still very fresh. The show also serves as the end of the Breaking Bad continuity.

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Avatar: The Last Airbender

courtesy of Nickelodeon

Released: 2005-2008; Genre: Action-Adventure;

This mid to late-2000s Nick animated series has been able to make a name for itself and a dedicated fanbase of loyal viewers. In the wake of its addition to Netflix, the show has recaptured the attention of those who used to watch it, reigniting people’s opinions, feelings, and emotional investment in the show for nostalgia’s sake, while also introducing the series to a new audience. Following the events of the original series, next in line to watch is the also revered sequel series, The Legend of Korra.

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Gilmore Girls

courtesy of Warner Bros.

Released: 2000-2007; Genre: Comedy-Drama;

Following the release of a miniseries and its addition to streaming services in 2020, this cult classic, named one of the top 100 greatest shows of all time by TIME Magazine, has managed to slip its charm and heart back into relevance among the public again. This is especially more of the case in light of the recent cast reunion and speculations surrounding the series getting a revival.

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courtesy of Netflix

Released: 2017-2022; Genre: Crime-Thriller;

Ozark has had a steady run throughout the late 2010s and has established itself as one of streaming’s most thrilling series. The rollout of this unforgivably dark drama’s fourth and final season early last year has helped soar audience engagement to new heights. Its final season ran throughout 2021, reaching the series finale in April 2022.

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The Crown

courtesy of Sony Pictures

Released: 2016-; Genre: Drama;

The ongoing TV drama that retells various chapters in the UK’s history has gained new relevance in the midst of unprecedented changes. The death of Queen Elizabeth II combined with controversy surrounding other members of the Royal Family such as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have contributed to the world’s ever growing fascination with the Royal Family’s affairs. This attention has naturally put the spotlight on the award winning docudrama that even members of British royalty have admitted to watching. A sixth season is in production and is expected to be released in November 2023.

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