Top 8 Holiday Rom-Coms for the 2022 Christmas Season

Liberty Grant, Writer

Christmas is a time for family and friends. This means parties galore, gifts tied in bright red ribbons, and more food than you could ever fit in your belly. So why let it happen just once a year? Beat the heat of July with a Christmas in July movie marathon. Better yet, make it a romantic comedy! Here’s our pick for the top eight holiday romantic comedies for to put you in the spirit.


Happiest Season (2020)- 6.6/10 stars

At the top of the list is “Happiest Season,” a holiday rom-com that follows Abby (Kristen Stewart) who is planning to propose to her girlfriend Harper (Mackenzie Davis) at her family’s annual Christmas dinner. However, Abby is blindsided by the fact that not only does Harper’s family not know about her, but they also have no idea she’s lesbian. We watch as Abby struggles to understand the girlfriend she thought she knew, and fight through the hardships of coming out as who you are. Adults would adore this heartwarming love story, as well as the comedy consistently provided by John (Dan Levy.) This film can be found on Netflix.


Last Christmas (2019)- 6.5/10 stars  

Coming in at second place is “Last Christmas,” which follows an aspiring singer named Kate (Emilia Clark) who is cursed with bad decisions. She works in a Christmas shop as an elf year-round, and as she begins to lose hope she meets Tom (Henry Golding,) and her life begins anew. The audience is able to enjoy a blossoming love story during the Christmas season with engaging characters and a light-hearted plot. This film can be found on Hulu.


Love Hard (2021)- 6.3/10 stars  

Last Christmas season, “Love Hard” was a favorite movie on the Netflix streaming service. The story follows Natalie (Nina Dobrev), a relationship columnist looking to experience love herself. On an online dating app, she meets Josh (Jimmy O. Yang), whom she instantly connects with. She impulsively decides to fly to New York to surprise him and is stunned to find that Josh doesn’t look at all like his pictures- and lives at home with his parents. Before Natalie leaves him, she and Josh strike a deal. Josh agrees to introduce Natalie to Tag, the man whose pictures he used on his dating profile, while Natalie pretends to be his girlfriend for the holidays.


Single All The Way (2021)- 6.1/10 stars  

“Single All The Way” follows Peter (Micheal Urie) as he returns home for the holidays. As he plans his return home, he dreads having to face family judgment for still being single. To remedy this, he decides to convince his best friend Nick (Philemon Chambers,) to act as his boyfriend. However, Peter is surprised when he sees a true relationship beginning to form. Most will find this holiday special entertaining and fun, especially the younger generation since it is LGBT+ inclusive. This film can be found on Netflix.


The Princess Switch (2018): 6.0/10 stars  

“The Princess Switch” follows Stacy (Vanessa Hudgens,) a competitive baker, as she takes a trip to Belgravia to participate in the Royal Christmas Baking Contest alongside her best friend, Kevin (Nick Salagar.) However, upon her arrival, she is stunned to meet her look-a-like- who also happens to be a princess. In order to have one last glimpse at royal life before her marriage to Prince Edward (Sam Palladio), Duchess Margaret Delacourt (Vanessa Hudgens) asks to switch lives with Stacy. However, what neither of them expects is to fall in love, especially while impersonating a stranger. This heart-warming Christmas love story reflects a classic Hallmark movie and hooks the audience with its captivating plot and relatable characters. Many Christmas enthusiasts would adore this film, especially when celebrating the holidays with a group of friends. Also, if you enjoy the film, there are two sequels for you to enjoy this holiday season. These films can all be found on Netflix. 


Let it Snow (2019): 5.8/10 stars

“Let it Snow” is based on the bestselling novel by Maureen Johnson, John Green, and Lauren Myracle. This film is perfect for those who adore a small-town romance. This film follows eight teens in three distinct stories. One follows Stuart (Shameik Moore) and Julie (Isabela Merced), another follows Addie (Odeya Rush) and Dorrie (Liv Hewson), and the last follows Tobin (Mitchell Hope) and Angie (Kiernan Shipka). Each of these stories follows the hardships and excitement of falling in love, showing who you are, and the strength of the community. This film can be found on Netflix. 


The Holiday Calendar (2018): 5.7/10 stars  

“The Holiday Calendar” is another holiday movie that reflects a classic Hallmark film that many would enjoy. The story follows Abby Sutton (Kat Graham), a photographer who has recently inherited an antique advent calendar. She is surprised to find that everything inside the calendar seemingly predicts future events. Now she is beginning to wonder if the calendar could predict her future love story, but will it be with her best friend Josh (Quincy Brown)? Or could it be with a new flame named Ty (Ethan Peck)? This movie uses the popular love-triangle trope and intertwines it with a classic holiday love story, producing a film people of all ages will love. It is available to watch on the Netflix streaming service. 


A Cinderella Story: A Christmas Wish (2019): 5.2/10 stars 

“A Cinderella Story: A Christmas Wish” is a classic Cinderella love story but with a holiday twist. So for all of the teens that adore a teenage Cinderella story, this holiday film is a must-watch. The film follows Kat Decker (Laura Marano) who dreams of becoming a singer. However, she is forced to work as a musical elf instead by her wicked family. However, she meets the handsome new Santa at work, Nick (Greg Sulkin). By a twist of fate, the two grow close, and a love story blossoms. This film can be found on Netflix.


Photo credits: Netflix and Hulu