The Talon

Student Spotlight: Chris Goshall (’14)

Shelby Shillingburg, Editor

January 7, 2013

For Chris Godshall (‘14), being on stage is a “spark”. Chris Godshall has been acting for four years, three of them here at Forge.  Chris found his inspiration to act when he watched his brother, David Godshall,  perform. Since then, he has starred in 11 different shows. One of his most memorable...

Teacher Spotlight: Mr.Chaves

Brooke Warren, Editor

January 3, 2013

Mr. Chaves, a returning Chemistry teacher,  worked at Forge from 2008-2011; then he took a year off. However, he has done many exciting things before he settled yet again this year in the Eagle nest. Mr. Chaves graduated from NC State with his masters in Marine Science and Statistics, but before...

VanDevelde’s Dad In Afghanistan

Maddie Scovell, Reporter

December 19, 2012

For the few students like sophomore, Quinn VanDevelde and senior Katie VanDevelde, having a parent gone during the holidays can seem somewhat normal.Quinn says his dad has been gone for around 30% of his life, missing various things like holidays and birthdays.Their dad works for the military’s defense...

Blake Stone: Student Surfer

Maddie Scovell, Reporter

November 20, 2012

Although surfing for only a year and a half, Blake Stone (‘14) has surely become comfortable in the waters. Being the fourth person in his family to surf, his grandpa, dad, and older brother have all lead him to trying something new. While surfing is not very popular amongst Colonial Forge High...

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