Please Clap!

Aynsleigh Escher, Editor

The Please Clap Improv show on Friday, March twenty-second was phenomenal. The crowd was small in number but extremely enthusiastic, with audience members coming up with rather… funky suggestions for places and quirks like “an abandoned Arby’s” and “uses air quotes incorrectly, all the time”. Nine games were performed, and the show lasted around an hour and 20 minutes. It was hilarious; every game made me laugh and I enjoyed every minute. My personal favourite game featured Amaya Montgomery, and was called Party Quirks. The game revolved around a person throwing a party (Amaya centered her hypothetical party around mourning My Chemical Romance) where the guests all have strange quirks and the host (Amaya) had to guess what their quirks were. Those featured in this show (all quirks came from the audience) included: had an extremely itchy pinky toe, couldn’t stop sniffing people, and had an extreme obsession with karate. Amaya guessed every one correctly, and the process was highly amusing. I’d highly recommend going to their shows, they occur on Fridays. The exact date depends, so keep up with the announcements if you want to attend.