The Talon



Carlos Barrera, Reporter

April 8, 2019

Us is a movie that has something it wants to say, and writer/director Jordan Peele has once again identified horror as the best way deliver that message. Like his previous film, Get Out, this movie has underlying allegories allowing you to experience it long after leaving the theater.   On...

Please Clap!

Aynsleigh Escher, Editor

March 25, 2019

The Please Clap Improv show on Friday, March twenty-second was phenomenal. The crowd was small in number but extremely enthusiastic, with audience members coming up with rather… funky suggestions for places and quirks like “an abandoned Arby’s” and “uses air quotes incorrectly, all the tim...

Creed 2:

Theatrical Release Poster

Carlos Barrera, Reporter

December 14, 2018

Creed 2 leads the way as the embodiment of Rocky, going very well for its representation of Rocky 4’s antagonist Ivan Drago, expanding upon the one-dimensional character. They illustrate how the loss affected Drago and how that anger transferred to his son. A leading theme of the movie is legacy an...

Alex G – “Bobby” Track Review

Alex G -

Gavin Thibodeau, Editor in Chief

March 13, 2017

As it so wearily happens every morning, I woke up. The sun had passed me by, coming up the sides of the distant mountains before I could soak myself in night’s last vestiges; in other words, I purposefully woke up late. Fog rolled over the bluish-green mist on Irish foothills. Remnants of last nig...

Falling Kingdoms: Crystal Storm

Falling Kingdoms: Crystal Storm

Sophia K. Dalberg, Reporter

February 6, 2017

The long-awaited book Crystal Storm, the fifth book in the Falling Kingdoms series written by Morgan Rhodes, has finally been released. The series follows the adventures of Princess Cleonia, Jonas Agallon, Magnus Damora, and a large cast of colorful and violent characters. Assassins and sorcerers ali...

Warning: Explicit Content Below

Warning: Explicit Content Below

Lauren Collis, Reporter

February 11, 2014

In "The Wolf of Wall Street", Leonardo DiCaprio plays a stockbroker named Jordan Belfort who swindles millions of dollars from investors through his sketchy stockbroking firm. DiCaprio’s character starts off as an eager, uncorrupted new guy on Wall-Street, but quickly spirals out of control when he be...

Battle Born Album Review

Manuel Lemus, Web Content Editor

October 24, 2012

After a long hiatus and group solo projects The Killers return with their fourth album Battle Born. Legendary producers Stuart Price, Steve Lillywhite, Damian Taylor and Brendan O'Brien, got together with their musical styles and helped the band put this album together. The Killers have been searching...

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