All You Need To Know About the Glow


Photo Provided By CFHS

Connor Merk, Editor

The class officers have been planning the first annual glow dance since the summer, and the event is fast approaching. Senior Class President Erin Liebe (’19) has taken the lead on this dance and has been a part of the planning process.

Why did the class officers come up with the glow dance?

Liebe: There were a lot of requests for a third dance, and more specifically a glow dance, something that was more casual.

What is the official start time and end time?

L: 7 pm to 10 pm

What should students wear to the dance?

L: Anything neon, something that you would wear to a football game, kind of like if there was a neon-themed football night. It’s casual, but some people will dress it up a little bit.

Will there be a DJ? If yes, who?

L: Jake Mays, who is Mrs. Mays’s son. He is a college DJ and he does parties all of the time. We have been setting up the setlist for awhile now.

Will there be snacks and drinks provided for those that attend?

L: Minimal snacks, but there will be tons of water. There will be pretzels and chips.

Are students allowed to bring a guest?

L: Yes, the person bringing the guest must have paid their dues. They also must pay $10, and just like Homecoming, fill-out a guest form.

Where do they pick up a form/pay for the ticket?

L: The forms will be available in the front office, and must be presented to buy a ticket.

When do tickets go on sale?

L: Tickets will go on sale beginning on Monday, March 11 til the day of the glow dance.

To those who are unsure of attending, what would you say to them?

L: I would say that it is going to be the first annual glow dance, so if it does hit off, like people are expecting it to, they can say they went to the first one.