First Student Art Showcase Is Displayed

Afton LaMere puts his art in the spotlight

Mackenzie Nolan and Michaela Tucker

Afton LaMere (‘12) is the first student in the Art 4 class to have their art displayed in the case in front of the auditorium. He has six pieces being shown. His favorite of the six is the origami drawing “Mainly because of the texture on it … it’s kind of just colored pencil makes it look very soft and cozy,” LaMere said.

LaMere has been involved in art since 5th grade, but art has been a part of his family for generations. “My grandfather was always really good at art and it got passed down somehow to my mom so she’s good at art and I’m also naturally good with art,” LaMere said.

It took him anywhere between 1 to 4 days to finish each piece. His ink print took him a few hours as well as the shading piece. The rest took him 2-4 days to complete. There are 3 pieces that have more meaning to him: the penguin and clock pieces.

Penguins are LaMere’s favorite animal and he wanted to create a still life to portray that. He made the clock pieces because “I’ve been thinking about doing a theme with time stuff,” LaMere said.

Hannah Robeson is the next student who will get the showcase on November 15th.