Bird Box Vs. A Quiet Place

Sara Michel, Reporter


The critically acclaimed movies “Bird Box” and “A Quiet Place” are both a hit on Netflix and the box office. “A Quiet Place” was released in theaters on April 6, 2018, while the movie “Bird Box” came out on December 13. Both of these movies have been very popular among all age groups, especially teenagers.      

“Bird Box” has been out for roughly a month and has been greatly compared to “A Quiet Place.”

A quick summary of “Bird Box” is it follows the life of a woman who has not come to terms of becoming a mother and before she realizes it, she is in a world of an unknown disease that has spread across the planet.

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“A Quiet Place” is a movie about a family of four that must navigate their lives in silence after mysterious creatures haunt when they hear sound.

“‘A Quiet Place’ is better because, there are more questions answered about the creature that caused the apocalypse and the environment that the family is living in.” Penelope Gransbury (‘21) said.

One of the first similarities is that they both revolve around a family. “A Quiet Place” is about a family who is already in the apocalypse, so they speak through sign language. In “Bird Box,” there is a family forming because Sandra Bullock’s character is pregnant. Throughout the movie, the viewer watches how she survives with her kids.

“I thought it was honestly one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. I loved the idea of it and it was something you would never really think about happening. I thought the Sandra Bullock was kick butt and I loved how much of a strong character they made her. The only thing I didn’t like about it is they never show us what the creature looked like. I really like the ending and how they ended up in a blind school and how she kept the baby of the girl who died.” Katie Woolston (‘21) said.

Another similarity is that the children in the movie have a lot of discipline. In “A Quiet Place,” the movie begins with the mysterious creatures already in the film. The children already know that they cannot make a sound and must communicate with sign language. “Bird Box” has a slow start in which the viewer watches Sandra Bullock’s character undergo the struggles of pregnancy, while the mysterious disease is affecting those around her . Once the viewer watches more of the film, they see that the children know to be quiet, wear a blindfold, and listen to their mother.

“My favorite character from ‘Bird Box’ is Tom because he’s really helpful and a headstrong character in this movie. The way he loves Girl and Boy and Malorie to the point where he would die for them was really heart warming.” Isra Ali (‘21) said.

One final similarity is that both of the families in the movies is that the characters figure out the best way to communicate is through the radio. The films both show that the safest way to communicate is with something that takes very little movement and something most people have.

There are several differences between “A Quiet Place” and “Bird Box.” 

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The first major difference between the two films is the time frame. In “Bird Box,” it goes through a matter of days, while “A Quiet Place” goes through years. Another difference between both films is that in “A Quiet Place” the viewer gets to see the monster compared to in“Bird Box,” the monster is unknown.

“My favorite scene in ‘Bird Box’ was the ending when they ended up at the school for the blind and found safety. It was really sweet and emotional although I was really upset that Tom died before they got there” Amanda Lineweaver (‘20) said.

Another difference is how to stay safe from the mysterious creatures. In “Bird Box,” the way to stay away from the creature is to wear a blindfold. On the other hand, in “A Quiet Place” the best way to stay safe is to be quiet.  

One final difference is that there is a child’s death in one, but not the other. In “A Quiet Place” one of the children dies in the beginning of the film. The child’s death completely changes the family aspect on survival and importance of the two children’s survival. In “Bird Box” the children live because of the protection of their mother.