Touring the Campus of VCU


Amanda Lineweaver, Reporter

Inside of Richmond’s urban landscape, lies Virginia Commonwealth University, an environment that embraces diversity, tolerance, and growth. People from all walks of life and backgrounds come to VCU with both contrasting and similar goals. The city community makes you feel like you are a part of something much larger.

VCU is not only affordable, but it is also recognized for having the number one public arts program in the country. Private art schools can cost up to or over $200,000, while with VCU, even without financial aid, you can walk out with less than half of the tuition of private schools.

VCU offers tours for possible prospective students, which offer a glimpse of the college life on the city campus. Tours can be scheduled here.

The streets of VCU are barren due to the rainy day.

Upon entering and parking in the city campus, visitors will notice the bookstore, as well as the visitors center. If hungry, students and visitors have an assortment of options to dine at, such as the Shafer Court. Some other dining options in the area are Panda Express, Chipotle, Chick-fil-a, Subway, Taco Bell, and Starbucks.

VCU also has a park, Monroe Park, for students to stroll and hangout. Another popular site for students to go to is the Shafer Street Playhouse.

The college also is host to hundreds of clubs, such as the Brass Player’s Association, the Black Women in STEM club, and the Chinese Student Association, providing spaces for anyone to fit in and get involved with the community and their peers.   

The campus also has a gym for students to stay in shape and workout. The gym has a 35 foot tall rock-climbing wall and even a pool.

The tour was very informative and I highly recommend to anyone interested in city life  or the arts should consider VCU as their college.