The Talon

Volley Player: Hope Kelly

Alison Mairena, Sports Editor

December 21, 2012

Coming from a home of volleyball players and playing since the sixth grade, Hope Kelley (‘14) seems destined to play volleyball in college. Receiving over five interest letters from various schools such as the University of Mississippi, Kelley looks forward to next year and the tough decision of picking...

Random Questions with Eric Menser (’15)

Angela Ferrer, Reporter

December 21, 2012

Q: Who would you rather meet, Mario or Luigi? A: Mario, He’s always been my favorite just because he’s the original one. Q: If you were stranded in a deserted island, what three things would you bring? A: A soccer ball, Popcorn or Cheez-Its, and Orange Juice. Q: If you could be anywhere right...

Blake Stone: Student Surfer

Maddie Scovell, Reporter

November 20, 2012

Although surfing for only a year and a half, Blake Stone (‘14) has surely become comfortable in the waters. Being the fourth person in his family to surf, his grandpa, dad, and older brother have all lead him to trying something new. While surfing is not very popular amongst Colonial Forge High...

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