Forge Broadway Playbill

Kayliah Kendrix, Reporter

Chorus’ final concert will be the annual Pops Concert on May 24th. The Broadway theme concert will include a Playbill that will be handed to everyone entering the auditorium. The Playbill will included several pages on the performance including a section that will highlight the seniors and Shout Outs.

A shout out is your chance to recognize a classmate or your child in a short sentence or two. Shouts outs for students and parents cost $5 and $20 for a wallet-sized picture to be included in the program.

They will also be selling advertisements to appear in the Playbill.

¼ a page is $40, ½ page is $60 and a full is $75.

If you are interested in purchasing an advertisement or Shout Out ask Mrs. Bailey or Mr.s Perry in the Chorus for a from due May 4th.

For more information contact [email protected]