Outfit Of The Week 4/3

James Johnson


Michaela Tucker, Reporter

This week’s outfit of the week is my first boy pick. James Johnson (’17) is one of the more fashionable guys I’ve seen. He told me that he strives to be and look like a gentlemen. He is very keen on always looking nice and put together.

James has three major fashion inspirations, Mariano Di Vaio, Nick Bateman, and Sean O’Pry. He pulls a lot of inspiration out of these guys’ outfits and puts it into his own style.

James wears a lot of different outfit combos, but all stay along the lines of a put-together look. He has a solid idea of what he wants to look like and the kind of style he wants. There have been days when I’ve seen James come into school all dressed up in a button down white shirt black pants and a black bow tie. His style sense is a little more pricey than my past outfit of the week choices.

He sticks to name-brand clothing that is a little more fitted, like plain shirts with no patterns or images, radiating a simpler look.

James says that during his junior year he dressed up more than he does now. He wore dress shirts and ties, much like the beginning of this school year. As the year goes on, he has opted for a more comfortable look, and not as dressy.

James tells me that he wants to be a gentleman, and part of that means looking the part. I can tell you after talking to him his personality and his outfit do correlate.

His shirt is from American Eagle ($30), the joggers are from Tillys ($40), his boots are 1887 Wolverine boots (Amazon, $275), and his watch is from Walmart ($70).