Forge’s Drama Presents The Addams Family

Sara Michel and Melanie Thomas

Chance Stephens (’19) who plays Gomez sings to Nell Hatton (’19) who plays Morticia Addams.
Cast dancing “When You’re an Addam.”
The cast singing “When You’re an Addams.”
The cast finishing the song “When You’re an Addam.”
Pugsley, Winston Perry (’22) and Wednesday Addams, Iris Howe (’19) perform a scene together.
Iris Howe (’19), Chance Stephens (’19), Amaya Montomery (’19), and Winston Perry (’22) end a scene together.
Parents of Lucas Alice, played by Elisa Slater (’21) and Mal Bieneke played by Vinny Solliday (’19) are welcomed by Gomez, played by Chance Stephens (’19).
The last scene of act 1 ends with the cast singing at dinner time and learning about each other.


Forge Drama’s The Addams Family: A New Musical Comedy performances are at 7pm on Thursday (25th), Friday (26th), and Saturday (27th)! Pre-ticket sales for students are priced at $8 and tickets sold at the door are $10.