Volunteering Clubs

Shelby Jaunal, Online Editor

Health Occupations Students of America

Purpose of Club-Students can learn about different ways to get involved in health promotion. They can work together to grow as a leader while using healthy behaviors. “You’re in medical school, even in residency, and it’s for those students to have opportunities to work together on health promotion activities where they learn to become leaders to work effectively as a team and to promote healthy behaviors that we want to see in our patients. So even before you really have any actual health care training, those are things that you are going to need as a healthcare provider.” says Mrs. Clinger.

Student Leader-Desiree Brickson

Sponsor-Stephanie Clinger 

Meeting Information- HOSA will meet virtually this year. They meet every third Tuesday of the month. The meet code is cfhshosa21.

Major events:

Hosting a meeting to prepare and plan all future events.

Random Acts of Kindness

Purpose of Club-Random Acts of Kindness was created by Bryn Gallen to bring more kindness into Colonial Forge. Students can join to help make our school a better place. “Even if it’s holding a door for someone or picking up paper or just smiling and saying hi to somebody, you’re helping them in some way through their life’s journey, or that moment of the day that gets them through their life.” says Mrs. Cousins.

Student Leader-Bryn Gallen

Sponsor-Rebecca Cousins 

Meeting Information- The Random Acts of Kindness will meet twice a month in room 421 after school.

photo taken from @cfhsrak on instagram

Photo taken from @cfhsrak on Instagram.

Environmental Club

Purpose of Club- Students work together to make the community a better place. They clean up trash and try to better the environment before it is too late. “They get involved in all kinds of projects basically that are designed to improve the environment of the community that we live in.” says Mr. Heller

Student Leaders-Alicia Murphy and Jacob Jenkins

Sponsor-Konrad Heller

If the meeting days are not announced, then they are every third Thursday of the month.

Meeting Information- Meetings will be held in room 309 after school. If you are unavailable that day, you can join on google meet. The code is cfeclub. 

Major events:

-October 2nd- Pedal for the Planet

-October 23rd- River clean up




Purpose of Club-YOVASO promotes safe driving. In highschool lots of students are new to driving and it is important they stay safe. “There’s campaigns throughout the year, there’s another one on, no texting and driving. There’s another one on alcohol and driving. Then there’s also this time of year, they will send us stuff. Usually I get it and share it with elementary school teachers.” says Mrs. Mellenburg

Sponsor- Kathleen Mellenburg

Meeting info-Do not meet

Major events:

-Buckle up campaign

-No texting and driving campaign

Red Cross

Purpose of Club: Students can come together to get hands-on experience on how to help people in need. “Red Cross is a nationally recognized club that aides with humanitarian need and alleviates human suffering.” says Desiree Brickson

Student Leader: Desiree Brickson

Sponser: Brian Will

Meeting info: There are meetings once a month, but if needed for certain events, there will be multiple.

Major events:

-Children comfort kits

-Disaster casework volunteer

-Shelter volunteer