Eagles Win Uphill Battle at Homecoming


Kieran Murphy

Two Forge defensive players put pressure on the Mountain View quarterback and take him down to force an incompletion.

Kieran Murphy, Sports Editor

With the snap of the ball, the Eagles’ defensive line erupted into action. With the undefeated Mountain View Wildcats backed up near their own end zone, Coach Brown decided it was time to call a blitz. On third down with MV up by two points, the Cats’ quarterback dropped back in the pocket, but he had no time to react as Jaevyen Peterson (‘24) came around the corner of the line for the hit.

At approximately 7 PM, on Friday the 14, With plenty of smack talk to hype up the game, there were high expectations for both teams. The parking lot was bumper to bumper as students and parents alike filled excitedly into the stands for our homecoming football game.

The game was a defensive masterclass in the first half, with the only points being scored for either team being a 2-point safety off of a botched snap that put Mountain View up as the half came to a close. In the waning seconds of the second quarter however, the Cats drove down field and set themselves up with a nice field goal attempt. It looked as if they would score again before half, but that wouldn’t stand for linebacker Jaevyen Peterson (‘24) who broke through the offensive line and blocked the field goal to keep it a 2-point game.

The defensive excellence continued into the second half, but sadly soon after the second half began, the Wildcats drove down the field and into the end zone for the first touchdown scored all game. The Eagles shot down their hopes of a successful 2-point conversion and the score went 8-0 with the Eagles trailing.

While this position may have been demoralizing for any other football team, the scoreboard gave our sideline the fuel they needed to go out and make some moves.

Shortly after the touchdown by the Cats, Eagles QB Eli Taylor (‘25) fired back with one of his very own into the hands of star WR Colby Kynard (‘23). Unfortunately we weren’t able to score on the 2-point conversion but now we had brought it back to a 2-point game.

 With less than one minute left on the clock, the Cats had the ball and lead but if the defense got a big stop, there would be just enough time to get back into the end zone for the win.

With the snap of the ball, the Eagles’ defensive line pushed the Cats’ quarterback back in the pocket, giving him no time to react as Eagles linebacker Jaevyen Peterson (‘24) came around the corner of the line for the hit.

Peterson took down Mountain View’s quarterback, who fumbled the ball on his way down. Peterson then scooped it up and brought it back to give Forge the lead 12-8.

There was still a minute left on the clock when MV got the ball back, but a quick fourth down stop would seal the deal. Even while the Wildcats had nearly doubled our offensive stats, the Eagles snapped the Wildcats’ six-game winning streak and ruined their undefeated season.

Finally the clock hit 0 and the score was final. The Green Wall hopped the fence and ran onto the field. With the band playing, the Green Wall hugging and the Mountain View team sulking, the weight of the moment set it. Our guys had been the first to take down the elite Mountain View Cats and knock them out of their spot as number two in the county.